Upcoming changes for
Walmart Family Mobile

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Your Service is being transitioned from a “post‑paid” to a “prepaid” Service. As a “post‑paid” Service, you received a bill each month for the Service you had already used. Once you received your bill, you were required to pay the balance by a certain date in order to maintain active Service. As a “prepaid” Service, you will now pay for your Service in advance. To help you with this transition, we will send you a reminder letting you know when it is time to pay for your next month of Service. We refer to this date as your Account Renewal Date.

Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible. You will keep the same payment date and can continue to pay for your Service using whatever methods you have always used, including online at MyFamilyMobile.com, over the phone, or at Walmart Money Centers.

As long as you continue to pay for your Service before your Account Renewal Date, you will have no Service interruptions, and continue to enjoy the same Walmart Family Mobile Service you have always had.

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